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Anyone who has ever been married knows that there are wedding vows and then there are wedding vows. I framed our wedding vows and the reminder hangs at the foot of our bed, constantly broadcasting the commitments we made to one another over five years ago. For better or for worse, til death do us part, may we always be honest and faithful…

But for all those people who struggle to remain in a relationship, or doubt that their significant other loves them, or feel like checking out of their union, they may be remembering their wedding vows but not their wedding vows.

No one warns you when you get married. They don’t tell you that your chewing will driving your spouse crazy. They don’t tell you that your significant other won’t put his dirty laundry in the laundry basket like, ever. They don’t warn you that a text message first thing in the morning will brighten another’s day. They don’t tell you how good your partner makes you feel when you tell them you miss them and you’re sitting right there.

Marriage is savage. It can be exhausting, emotionally-draining, a roller coaster of emotions, and sometimes it doesn’t last. Sometimes you give up on what you should be holding to so tightly.

I lucked out. This gorgeous man of mine made vows at our wedding over five years ago. He also makes them every day.

Each time he texts me that I’m beautiful.

When he reminds me that he’s thinking of me.

Every single night when he tells me goodnight.

And again in the morning, when he tells me to have a good day.

Every time he unloads the dishwasher.

And when he brings me home flowers unexpectedly.

When he brags on me to other people.

Whenever I catch him looking at my butt.

When he sends me song lyrics that remind him of me.

And when he pulls me closer to him in the kitchen while I’m cooking dinner.

Every time he smiles at a picture of us together.

When he sets his phone background to a head shot of me.

And when he turns the air conditioner down a notch because I’m cold.

Every time he agonizes over a birthday present for me.

When he begrudgingly agrees to another kissing selfie.

When he parks outside my work and walked all the way in to each lunch with me.

When he rubs my thigh at the movie theater.

And when he is concerned he cut his hair too short for my liking.

When he brings me a clean towel when I’m in the shower.

And when he compliments my legs when I change into shorts.

Each time he offers to take our daughter to school so I don’t have to.

When he chokes down a meal I’ve made even though it sucks.

And when he offers to run me a bath.

If you aren’t lucky enough to have someone who vows to love you more each and every day, you’re selling yourself short. You deserve it. I am incredibly lucky to have someone who puts up with my shit even when it seems fruitless. I love this sexy man who goes out of his way to vow his love to me each and every day.