You know you wanna know about me

Oh wow, that was cocky, wasn’t it? I’m normally not a very cocky person! LOL

Follow at your own risk!! My blog is totally blunt and honest and is likely to alter your impression of me.

About me? Hmm. I am a twenty-something wife and mother, a writer, a poet, an amateur photographer, a terrible singer, a cat lady!!, a humanist atheist, a liberally Green left-wing socialist with a penchant for a free-loving and loving-everyone hippie-esque lifestyle.

I’m bipolar and bisexual and biromantic, but hey, bi is okay, because two is always better than one, right?! I’m off color but honest, melancholy but fun. You really do want to get to know me. I do have a very colorful vocabulary so fyi on that, but my mom follows my blog so I try to steer clear of the X rated zone (though it doesn’t always work).

Ooh, and if you can’t tell, I loveeee labels. So if you stumble upon any more that fit me, holler!

I am very opinionated, and unless you’re just as left wing and atheist as me, we will probably disagree a lottttttt. But hey, I’m fun. And sort of knowledgeable, and generally have some decent sources. But mostly, just lots of opinions.

Follow my page and you’ll get a small dose of my photographs (I think I’ve posted one post with some storm photos, but hey, maybe you’ll get lucky), a handful of dark, deep, and wishy-washy non-rhymey poetry, and some opinionated left articles.



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