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In keeping with the spirit of Elizabeth Gilbert’s Creativity Workshop, here is my response to prompt #1 of my creativity notebook.

Curiosity Cat Scan

Creativity Notebook Prompt #1

Elizabeth Gilbert says that to get started on your creative journey, it can help to look for “little tiny patches of sparkle or light” inside your mind that signal your curiosity. She suggests asking: “What is effervescent in me? What bubbles a little bit? What is a little bit interesting?” You should stay alive to the things that keep you curious, no matter how tiny or random or inconsequential they seem. Once you find those sources of light, she suggests “grabbing onto them like it’s a rope” and using them to pull you towards your next creative project. Remember how she used her interest in gardening to propel her towards writing her novel, The Signature of All Things!

What are you doing when you feel most beautiful?

When I feel most beautiful, it’s usually because I’m producing a powerful or impactful piece of art. Whether it be my photography, poetry, or writing, when I produce something beautiful, I feel beautiful too as its creator. Writing is difficult for me anymore, as I generally write when I’m depressed or melancholy, and while I still have a significant amount of that in my life now, it’s a lot different when you’re married with a child and a full-time job and not just a down and out sixteen year old with the world against her.

My photography was difficult, but impactful. I miss that feeling of accomplishment. I miss my series on addictions, I miss the search for a beautiful run down barn to capture. I still remember my mother driving me around, helping me find the perfect spot to start clicking. Photography is still incredible interesting to me, as is my work on addictions. Perhaps I can combine the two once again to crank out a great photography series. The photography light bulb in my brain still goes off, frequently, reminding me that I should recapture the moments. Perhaps I should listen to it.