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On today’s meditation:

Trees have many symbolic meanings. From birth and rebirth to rooted pasts to constant growth skyward. Trees can take many meanings and resemble many things, but I’ve never felt them to be negative. They are northern-bound, they are rising, they are growing, feeding on the earth and sprouting toward the glorious sunshine.

Walking with the trees lends an aspiration to reach for the sky. Just as you are likely to adapt the sentiments and behaviors of those around you, walking amongst the trees lengthens my neck, straightens my posture, boosts my self-esteem, opens my diaphragm, and focuses my attention upward and outward.

You don’t simply walk with the trees, but you become the trees. Growing taller as such, sprouting from your roots, you expand, up and out, endlessly.

Over the next few reflections, I hope to find symbolic trees in my life, ready to stand in when time and life do not allow a walk among real ones.