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Why I will vote for the democratic nominee in the 2016 election, no matter what


I’m a Bernie supporter all the way. I’ve fully embraced his democratic socialist stance, and there are quite literally a million and one reasons why I am voting for him. But, if he doesn’t get the nomination, which is quite literally a toss-up (or, maybe 6 of them…), I will vote for Hillary.

Do I like Hillary? No, I really don’t.

Do I think she’s trustworthy? Nope. Most politicians aren’t, not that this fact makes it any better.

Do I stand by her on every promise of her campaign? Of course not. I don’t even stand by ALL of Bernie’s campaign promises.

But, the thing about voting, is whether or not you vote, and no matter who you vote for, you are voting.

If you’re a Dem and you don’t vote? Count it as a vote for the GOP.

You’re a Republican not voting? Might as well vote Dem.

If you’re a Trump supporter that hates Cruz in the lead, you’re handing a vote to blue.

And if you’re a Bernie supporter that skips over Hillary, you’re voting red.

I’ve never ever been a straight ticket voter, and I pride myself on learning as much as I can about the candidates so that I can make an informed decision. I will never vote for someone just because they are the democratic candidate, and there are actually a few Republican candidates that I WOULD choose over Hillary. But, unfortunately, the GOP race is down to three men, and I don’t want any of them in charge of my country. Hillary really is the lesser of two evils here.

People say you shouldn’t vote for the lesser of two evils, but really, you have to. And as I said, even by passively not voting, you’re voting against your interests. Think about what is passionate to you. If you’re big on national healthcare, you better keep your vote blue. Want to protect the civil rights of gay marriage? You have to vote blue. If these issues are your passion, you have to support someone who will entertain these ideas in office.

In poll information provided by CBS news, 14% of democrats will not support Hillary in the national election. That’s a 14% swing vote for the republicans, which is fine and dandy, if you’re not a proponent of Obamacare and same sex marriage. Check out I’m a Bernie Sanders voter…Salon for one of these 14% (and FYI, if you’re still not sold on Bernie, this article serves that purpose as well!). This perspective is grandiose. It’s good in theory, it’s good to stand on principle and attempt to shut down the DNC and all of Hillary’s backwards ways, but you can’t do it singlehandedly! With something as large and important as determining the leader of our country for the next FOUR YEARS, you can’t throw your vote away on principle. A non-vote for Hillary is a vote for racism, discrimination, exclusion. A non-vote for Hillary is a vote against the true American way.

If you’re a democrat but these issues aren’t important to you, by all means, don’t vote blue or don’t vote at all. But, if you’re passionate about liberal issues, you better make sure your vote stays in the left column.

I am secretly (well, it’s no secret now) hoping that this thinking will similarly wound the GOP with as many Trump and Cruz bashers as exist out there. But regardless of what party you claim, I hope you will really focus on the issues that are important to you.