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Well, that’s probably a little dramatic. It didn’t save my life. But, it saves my sanity on the daily. I used to be extremely organized, and I am ridiculously OCD. I am still organized, but it’s a LOT MORE WORK to do so now. It drains my energy like nobody’s business, and my memory is honestly smaller than that of an ant (do ants have a good memory? If so, insert forgetful beings here).

If you have an iPhone, well, I feel bad for you. Not really, but I’m not an iPhone fan and they’re not nearly as customizable, so I’m not sure how you would accomplish something like this on your phone. If you have an Android, you’re in for an organizational lifesaver!

  1. Download Buzz Launcher-Smart&Free Theme.


  1. Pick your theme and put everything where you want it. You can move around your icons and such. I am using one called Elegant (but I have changed my icons… you can edit your icons on your home screen by hold-pressing, and you can change them to ANY icons available through the Launcher). Leave as much room on your home page as you think you will need for your agenda. I like my agenda to show as much as it can, so my icons are tiny and out of the way, leaving most of the home screen open.


  1. Go to your home screen and then scroll up. You will see all of your icons. At the top of that page, there should be “APPS” and “WIDGET.” Click on widget.


  1. Find the SolCalendar widget. Install the one you prefer. To have yours look like mine, choose the [Sol] Agenda 4×5. You will be able to click and drag to your home screen.


  1. Change the transparency if you prefer by clicking the settings (wheel) button next to your agenda on the home screen.


  1. Add your events and to-do’s! You can choose stickers for each of your events, you can put in reoccurring events, you can set reminders, etc. And, it’s all front and center when you unlock your phone!


  1. Make sure to link your account with a log-in so that if your phone is broken or stolen, you can retrieve your calendar items from the SolCal server.
  2. De-stress! Enjoy having everything right at your fingertips.

Let me know if you have questions. If you have never installed a Launcher, it can be confusing and difficult, but I can try to walk you through it. The Buzz Launcher is awesome because you can change colors, backgrounds, icons, layout, delete pages, etc. Happy organizing!