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Hey ya’ll.

I have migrated my blog from http://www.halfpint2014.com and http://www.halfpint2014.wordpress.com to http://www.halfpint90.wordpress.com because I was stupid and paid to upgrade my domain but didn’t continue the upgrade this year. I didn’t realize that would shut down my entire blog! But don’t worry bitches, I’m baaaacccckkkkkkk. My new UN is probably more appropriate anyway because much of what I write is generationally-biased and my birth year will give you a good idea of what we’re dealing with on the daily.


I think I have successfully imported my old blog, but do me a favor and browse for old posts, comments, etc. Let me know what you like and don’t, or if you see things that are obviously missing or out of place. I haven’t posted much lately, but let me tell you how terrified I was when I got the email that my blog was shutting down! Horrified! Losing the past 2 years of thoughts, feelings, and emotions! :-O

As always, interact with me. Tell me what you wanna read about. Maybe I can be better at this blogging gig in 2016! Love and kisses xxoo