The Thinking Aro

So anyone who’s spent any time learning about asexuality from asexuals likely knows that many asexuals experience aesthetic attraction to people, despite our inability to feel sexual attraction. Aesthetic attraction is about the image of a person, the visual: their body, their face, the way they dress, even the way they move (though this is sometimes separated out and identified as kinesthetic attraction). Asexuals can have types, when it comes to physical appearance: certain body types they find especially attractive, hair color they prefer, eye color, style, etc. Basically, if you’re an asexual who experiences aesthetic attraction, it’s the same experience as being a sexual person feeling sexually attracted to someone hot, except there’s no sexual component to finding the other person hot.

It occurred to me that the way a lot of asexuals describe and define aesthetic attraction isn’t actually correct. Asexuals frequently mix up what I call aesthetic…

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