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I was raised on the unusual combination of Madonna and Garth Brooks (80s pop from my mother and country from my father). Though both hold a special place in my heart, Garth will always be my ‘friend in low places’ and one of the only artists who has a song to match every single emotion I hold.


This morning, 52 year old Garth Brooks took the stage, and the anchor chair, on The Today Show, co-hosting with Hoda. He braved the cold to select two women deserving of ambush makeovers, stood as every single woman entered the room, and performed Friends in Low Places, live.

He released his first country album twenty-five years ago, and If Tomorrow Never Comes soared up the charts. A quarter of a century later, and he still sounds amazing live. I swear, his voice and especially his words put me in a trance every time a song starts. He still sounds amazing, especially considering the thirteen-year break he took to focus on his family. I am so glad he is back in the music scene, and I can promise you that if I ever get the chance to see him in concert, I will do so. (I missed my chance this past year because I was a little burned out on the drunken redneck scene from the Luke Bryan concert I attended.)

I’ve been talking in my recent blogs about how hard it is to find someone who actually relates to so many aspects of your life–how hard it is to identify wholeheartedly with another soul. Garth has found a way to connect to so many people in this way. I know he doesn’t write all of his songs, but the lyrics are so relative. His voice is mesmerizing, his demeanor is charming, and he is a great guy who will always have ‘been there.’ I just love it. This morning’s Today Show performance had me in tears, so I felt the need to commend the country hero on my pages once again. I can assure, this won’t be the last time.