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There will always be books that ingrain their words in your memory, pull your insides apart with every re-read, and release a sanctuary plethora of butterflies into your stomach when you page turn. This is one of mine.

James Frey is brilliant. Brilliant. He faced so much controversy in his writing, and through it all, he persevered. The perfect combination of love, drama, humor, horror, life, and shit. Frey always pulls it  together. (AND as I just amazoned him to link, I discovered a newbie, Endgame. I can’t wait.)

I love my WordPress followers, and I love how supportive you all have been. I never dreamed that I would have followers in different countries. BUT, I want you to stop following. Take this journey with me. This is the perfect place to start. Share your must-read in the comments.


Love always.