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Date Unknown; estimated 2012

The sky is much lonelier than I remember
Maybe I used all the stars on you
I looked for you on the sidewalk in the distance
But the streetlamp glared upon empty ground
Standing solo, dominating the darkness–
maximum wattage shining brightly down
Sharp and cruelly stealing the night
Taunting the ease I already lack

Dancing between the cracks in the concreteDodging the pockets of shadow; nervous
Dancing alone, like a child who knows no better
But loneliness is an awkward dance
The twilight overwhelming my one-track mind
Equilibrium thrown about without regard
Like a ship on uneasy seas
Lacking a much-needed stability
or regularity
Like the rays of light beginning to dance along

Encircling my body like a celebratory tribal dance
Spinning, dizzy–
falling on hands and knees, a scrape and blood rising to the skin
Assuming a submissive position, fitting
Comfortable, a fleeting deja-vu
Darkness enveloping the lonely avenue
Light and fog intermingling, mixing, consummating
Lifting, like a well-directed horror movie

Light and fog floating through the chilly air with no purpose
No sense of direction or predilection, or destination
It settles, and calm returns
Equilibrium restored, sanity obtained–if it ever was
A star, speeding through the sky, 1-2-3
make a wish
Clutching at distant hopes and memories

I open my eyes, and there

You stand.
The light from the streetlamp glowing, settling gently
On your head like a halo and with a blink, it’s gone

But you remain.
And no embrace is quite sweet enoughbut of course, we try, as our worries fade into the darkness.