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Originally written 05/16/2006

Outrageously idle
Sweet taste of sweat lingering on your lips
As far from monotonous pleasure as the
complimentary shades of the rainbow
Insanely short no matter how long
breaking your concentration
Leaving me hungry for more, more, more
Insanely mesmerizing, captivating
However meticulous your touch
The tingling of cool fingertips pressed against
burning desire
The contour, each curvature, of my face
Similarly impersonating the sweet and sour
salty taste
Hands clasping together with intensity
Becoming one with emotion, passion
Meeting, strong feelings developing
(graduating, then defined as anything but platonic)
Coming together
intimately close without a reasonable doubt
Outrageously idle
before and still lingering
after, a lonely shudder of my shoulders
a simple cold chill dancing down my spine