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Some ramblings from the heart for you on our fifth ‘dating’ anniversary. Here’s to many more, baby.

Five years and a couple of weeks ago, you walked into my life.

I wasn’t looking for love.

Actually, I thought I’d already found it. I had no idea.

You were looking for love. You’d just lost it, and you were reeling.

Searching in the dark for someone whose existence you doubted,

Like Big Foot.

I flipped on the light with a few spoken words, shared all-night conversations,

And a forbidden kiss.

I knew that our love was out of place, but it was meant to be.

I knew that I was in the wrong, but I needed more.

I needed you.

I’ve never been perfect, and I know I never will.

But you took a chance on me.

Actually, I’ve probably done you more harm than good.

You are my rock when I’m usually stuck between a rock and a hard place,

And that may sound bad, but I mean it in a very good way.

Our love has never been conventional,

Will never be traditional,

And I will probably never be the kind of person that can love you the way you want me to.

But I will try every single day,

And I will try more and more as the days pass.

And one day, maybe just one day,

I will get it kind of right.

I need you.

The past five years have been full of twists and turns

And unforeseen curve balls

And knives in the back, quick like a sneak attack.

Actually, they’ve been slow too.

But you’ve been there, every step of the way.

You’ve never left my side, even when you have probably wanted to.

Even when I’ve made you want to.

Even when I’ve asked you if you want to.

Some may think the wedding band around their finger chains them


Or ties them


But mine simply tethers me to my


I’ll always need you.

Lastly, here’s our engagement song, which will always describe my feelings for you, as my love grows with every single passing day. This will never change. Happy dating anniversary to my forever love.

Brad Paisley’s Then