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PERHAPS my title is a bit misleading. A penny for your rape? Are we reimbursing rape victims for their emotional and physical trauma? Sorry, I wasn’t clear. We are charging them. Like the rape was, ya know, their decision or something.

Wait, you mean victims don’t get raped on purpose?! Whoa. You wouldn’t know it by the medical bills they’re getting in the mail.

This devastating article tells exactly what’s wrong with our healthcare system.

Wanna make sure you’re not carrying your rapist’s child? Gotta pay for that pregnancy test.
HIV testing? STDs? Fork over your credit card.

Single payer healthcare. What the hell is so complicated about that?! Yes, I am a democrat. Yes, I voted for Obama. And yes, I stand by the idea of the Affordable Care Act. But, I also realize that the regulations and implementation probably have more to do with Congress than the president. I also realize that the national healthcare implementation began long before Obama even took his oath.

Should people have to have healthcare? Yup.
Should people have to pay premiums out the ass? Nope.
Should healthcare providers monopolize? Nope.
Should healthcare providers control costs and maximize out of pocket costs? Nope.
Should financial burdens be placed on individuals who are suffering from an illness or ailment? Nope.
Should financial burdens be placed on families of deceased individuals while they are grieving and perhaps barely making ends meet while trying to replace lost incomes? Nope.
Should a victim of a crime be forced to pay emotionally, physically, and financially? I think you probably know my answer.

No, Affordable Care Act didn’t do what it was meant to do. It had good intent, but forcing health insurance without providing viable options (and by this I mean affordable and sufficient insurance) is honesty worse than letting people go without. Forcing someone to purchase a HDHP (high deductible health plan) is contradictory. We “care” about you so you have to insurance. Now, write a check for the premiums and the sky-high deductible.

Single payer healthcare! Not a healthcare exchange where private insurance companies can drive up insurance rates across state borders. Not an insurance mandate that forces people to choose between fees at tax time, high premiums, or food on the table. Single payer freakin healthcare. Taxes! Taxes! Taxes! Tax me to pay for my healthcare. A flat rate. And to the people that complain that they’re paying for someone else’s drug addiction, weight disorder or recovery program, please dictionary.com the underlined words and shut your mouth. Yeah, you’ll be paying for someone else’s bad habits, but if you expose them to fair and free treatment, a lot of those habits will disappear. And, minimizing the addictive habits will save money that currently goes to punishment and rehabilitation in the criminal system.

No, don’t drain your bank account to pay for your degenerating cancer-ridden mother who is over the income limit for Medicaid because of her widower’s pension.

No, don’t manage a gofundme because you quit your job to stay in the NICU with your preemie and can’t make rent this month.

No, don’t pay $2000 to free yourself from a rape, at least to the physical extent of freedom that healthcare can provide. Because we all know the emotional extent will hardly improve.