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My name is Brittany. I am an atheist, newly labeled and still discovering this world of rational thought.

I was raised Baptist. When I was younger, we went to church every Sunday, but in fifth grade we moved to my current town and started going to a new church. While my family had a lot of close friends from church, my mother was constantly bothered by the hypocrisy of the congregation. We stopped going regularly, and I had no desire to pick the habit up on my own. I guess I was what you’d call an “angry agnostic” for a while. I wondered how people could believe in a god that allowed such cruelty and suffering.

When I started dating my now-husband, and realized he was an atheist, I started thinking more and trying to understand. I usually didn’t like to talk about religion/lack of because I wasn’t educated enough to make convincing points, but I knew I disagreed with most theists. It’s only been recently that I’ve really allowed myself to think, converse, and try to understand (scientifically) the inaccuracies and impossibility of a god.

To my family, I am out of the closet, as well as to a few friends. Overall, though, I am in the closet. I struggle with the publicity of my atheism because I have a three year old daughter who goes to a private, Christian daycare (as it is the only one around here that we trust with her safety and education), and all of the mothers would probably isolate their children from mine if they knew the truth. I am also going back to school to be a teacher, and I know this will be a big battle I will face in public schools.

Aside from my religious nonbelief, I am as green as I can be, recently vegetarian, a mother, a step-mother, a wife. I have three cats who I also consider my babies. I’m a full-time government employee and also full-time in school. I’m an aspiring writer, and if I had the patience to continue the books I start, I’d probably have written twenty novels by now. I write non-rhyming poetry, and try to practice yoga as much as I can. I live in Kentucky, and am constantly defending my liberal beliefs to my right-wing neighbors.

I am a mother and a wife. I am writer. I am vegetarian, green, and liberal.

I am also an atheist.