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It’s that time again. The time where I write another public blog post that 1) only few will read and 2) 90% of those that do read will disagree. But I digress. My blog, and by default, my insanely relevant and, well, opinionated opinion. Because it’s just so much fun.

Totally stumbled upon this article on Huffpost (btw, have I mentioned how much I love HP?!) and it is great. So much sexual stigma. In the day and age where sex is abound, and not just straight sex but gay sex and premarital sex and extramarital sex and group sex and swinging sex and phone sex and sex tapes and public sex and chatroom sex and sexting and craigslist sex and sex apps and for goodness sakes, just sex, why is everyone so afraid of sex?!

What’s more, if we started owning up to having bodies that are capable of providing us with pleasure (and if we accepted that this pleasure isn’t wicked or unseemly) and we stopped thinking of nudity and sex as our enemies, we’d have a healthier, happier society.

Amen to that. Why are we so afraid of something that brings us pleasure? There is such a ridiculous amount of stigma that surrounds sex and it doesn’t really make much sex sense (whoops, where is my mind at?!). There’s nothing wrong with sex. There’s no right or wrong to having, or enjoying, sex. A different kama sutra position everyday? Damn, you must be flexible. Have a toybox, other than the one in your kid’s room? Just keep the lock on it, in case the kids get snoopy. Swapping with the neighbors? More exciting than charades. Snuggle up to your loved one – and your laptop? Guess what? You’re not alone. And even though people don’t talk about it (because of course that makes it not-so-real), they’re doin’ it.

Have a pic or two saved on your phone to brighten up your significant other’s day, or to entice your next conquest? More. Power. To. You. If you’re in a profession that frowns upon sexual expression, well then don’t get your face in the pic. But take that d**k pic. Don’t let someone else’s stigma sterilize your sexual enjoyment.

Everyone is freaking out over the celebrity hacks, but really. First of all, I do want it to be known that I don’t condone the hacking and disrespectful theft of private property. But, most of us have those pics laying around somewhere. Hell, many people get paid to do this stuff. If people weren’t making this a big deal, it wouldn’t be a big deal. Second, well, let’s just say at least they look good. Shake what ya momma gave ya. And, if you’re feeling up to it, share it too.

It is sad that we are in a society that is so sexualized, but majority of those engaging are still afraid of the stigma. Embrace it. We are slowly but surely moving forward in a society where I can say I am bisexual and not get quite as much judgment as when the whispers spread in high school. Partner preference is less stigmatized. So why is sexual preference so taboo? Embrace it. If you have enough confidence and sexual energy, share it. Take the damned d**k pic and send that naughty sext. Just make sure you don’t accidentally send it to your boss.

Edit: the literary process hates me. I always find the best stuff after I post.

Forget about the Joneses, they’re not in your bed.